fresh faced.


51 Berry Street was past its expiration date. As part of its entire overhaul, the newly reinvented building was to function as a new creative hub — attracting new tenants with its updated facilities (including showers and bike parking). Maximising its floor space to increase the amount of lettable space within was also required.


The budget for this project was tight — but it was an opportunity to employ the right, efficient design strategies to achieve the desired outcome. On the ground level, we created an impressive double-height lobby to welcome the building’s new inhabitants. Out on the street, the building is immediately distinguishable with its eye-catching ribbon façade and retained balconies — a seamless (and cost-effective) incorporation of old and new. The building’s primary services were retained but upgraded to ensure efficacy. On the ground level, new retail spaces were added to liven and support the five upper levels of offices.