A new civic heart: live, work, shop and play.


The project outline for St Leonards Square was to develop a dynamic and vibrant scheme for a world-class mixed-use development. The proposal includes over 500 apartment units, commercial offices and retail spaces on ground level. The client’s vision for the project was for it to be an urban magnet that would attract new tenants and residents, bringing a new life and energy for the up-and-coming inner-city precinct.


Located on Sydney’s northern shore, St Leonards’ recent grant of a mixed-use residential zone presented its developers the exciting new opportunity of transforming the precinct into a lively, energetic mixed-use hub. We were driven by the chance of designing a public domain that would excite and inspire the community and residents alike. Moved by its local history and the natural landscape of the neighbouring Lane Cove River, we took these design cues and incorporated them in our climate-driven masterplan. Within the masterplan, we designed two triangular towers, separated by an open plaza, to house the development’s multiple functions. The river inspired the design of the towers and the local flora informed our choice of forms and colours.