from one building into five.


Site 9A Green Square is a scheme we developed in association with McNally Architects. We were invited to partake in a design competition to produce a unique and outstanding proposal for a brand-new 16-storey apartment building in Green Square, taking into consideration the site’s constraints (such as site setbacks and height restrictions).


The apartment building is part of an overall masterplan for the new Green Square Town Centre. The development aims to be the city centre’s new sustainable live and work hub. The mass of the building is sub-divided into six smaller pods. These pods are accessed via open-ended streets and cast expansive views into the distance. By breaking down the overall volume of a singular building, each residential unit within the six pods is generously drenched in sunlight and ventilated naturally. A delicate veil of alternating fixed and sliding screens offer the inhabitants control of their internal climates depending on the weather and time of year, as well as providing much-needed privacy. These were designed in the hopes of granting future tenants the opportunity to reduce their use of artificial cooling and heating systems.