a conversation between park and city.


With Hyde Park on its doorstep, 231 Elizabeth Street is ideally located in the city. The existing building was dated and fatigued and required strategic manipulation to enhance its use and marketability. There was no need for a reconstruction, but instead, the implementation of choice strategies to develop it into an updated mixed-use residential and office block.


To emphasise its connection to Hyde Park, we re-positioned the building’s front entry and lobby that now opens towards the park. The lower floors of the tower were developed into new up-to-date office spaces and above, several levels of residential apartments. On the corner where its surrounding streets intersect, the building’s edges are softened into a sinuous curve—further enhancing the transition from park to city. This is part of the building’s brand-new façade that glides sleekly around, hugging and wrapping its interiors within. Light wells were inserted into the upper levels for the residential and hotel accommodation. The building’s angled rooftop suitably houses photovoltaic cells and panels that contribute towards minimising the building’s carbon footprint. With these design strategies and elements in place, the final resultant scheme was successfully marketed (and sold) at a much higher value than its prior price.