bringing the park into the building.


We were to convert what was previously an office tower into an up-to-date mixed-use building. The former block of offices had reached the end of its functional lifespan and required a complete overhaul. As a result, we were commissioned to transform the building into a series of upscale residential apartments on its higher levels, and on the lower ones—a combination of several mixed-used functions including retail and offices spaces.


We focused on enlivening the interior of the building and chose an economical and pragmatic approach to re-imagining the building. We gutted out two large light wells to draw in as much natural light as possible for the luxury apartments located above. This created large, expansive views out onto the city. Clean and simple in shape and geometry, we also designed and added a new roof—this is now the building’s most prominent feature. The open trellises provide shade as well as a frame for trailing greens to gradually inhabit. By utilising the existing framework, we were able to maximise and achieve a functional, effective scheme that harks a new era for the building.