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Located in the Abercrombie Precinct, the new Sydney University Business School is situated on the campus’s new southern gateway. We were commissioned to revisit the School’s initial tender scheme and propose an alternative scheme to reduce the project’s costs, height and total façade area. Constricted to using just 80% of the site area, the new scheme was envisioned as a striking campus addition that respectfully merges with its surroundings and local context.


Our proposal for the new Sydney University Business School was developed in partnership with Architectus. Together, we chose to reconfigure the floor plates and layout for a more rationale design. Twin floor plates sit parallel to each other and run from east to west with a light-filled atrium placed centrally between them. These open onto a new park placed on the northern edge of the building. We also sought to reinforce the building’s links to its immediate context. Its front façade is curved in response to surrounding flora. Its organic, sinuous geometry flows in rhythm to the twin entry points of the building, drawing pedestrians into the building.