Can you spot the farm?


Providing a welcoming entrance into the precinct, Yerrabingin House heralds the rebirth of South Eveleigh . Envisioned as a landmark development, it aims to be a successful public hub incorporating forward thinking design.


The building’s aspiration is to create a community minded hub that promotes creativity and health. Accommodation includes fitness and wellness centres, a community space, childcare and tertiary learning. The building culminates with expansive external public seating, terraces and forecourt. The large overhanging canopy filters daylight and supports an array of over 200 photovoltaic cells, these in turn act as shading devices to the playground and seating beneath.These spaces compliment each other to create a multi-functional environment capable of hosting large events while facilitating play day and night. The building also houses the first indigenous rooftop farm dedicated to native plants in Australia. Open to the public, it facilitates educational seminars for all to learn about native Australian flora and fauna. It also supplies edible native ingredients to local restaurants around the South Eveleigh community as well as the greater city.