Christian Cooksley

Bsc.Arch, B.Arch, University of Sydney, Ethel M. Chettle Prize, Deans Honours List

Dynamic and dedicated, Christian is a natural leader. As a firm director, he fully engages the team to realise Sissons’s creative visions into physical built entities. With 16 years of experience in construction and architecture, Christian is well-versed in the commercial realities of the business. He focuses his strengths primarily on large-scale commercial projects. He has practised in London and Sydney, having worked on numerous commercial and private projects across the UK and Australia.

Christian takes his leadership role very seriously; he makes time for each person and works by the ethos that ‘there are no silly questions or ideas’, encouraging a culture of open and honest communication. Confident and collaborative, Christian has a unique ability to go beyond the needs of project stakeholders. His methodical approach and positive attitude allow him to successfully navigate challenging projects and inspire the best from fellow designers.


The size and nature of our office means we are agile – there is a lot of flexibility and freedom to make things happen on a project